As a result of project implementation the prospective research initiatives for the creation of regional GIS, pollution transport models, industrial development scenarios and risk assessments will be formulated. IRIS will be useful for officials of the Russian Federation at different levels of state hierarchy, i.e. at regional level (Irkutsk Region), inter-regional level (since the neighbouring areas are also included in IRIS as the present/potential sources of pollution) and federal level (e.g. management of federally controlled nature resources and stress on the environment by enterprises held in federal property).

The international dimension of project implementation is strongly connected with problems of climate change essential worldwide and, in particular, for EU Member States. There is no doubt today that the role of the boreal forests is essential. In this context the Siberian taiga, which is the largest forest region in the world, and Irkutsk region as a part of taiga is of vital importance. Thus the strategic impact of the project could be felt on both national and international levels, helping to manage the environment and develop effective solutions of regional and global problems facing the society.